Empower. Inclusion.

Supporting parents of SEN children

Child Psycholgist


Regrettably, SEN children have the highest exclusion rate in the UK and we aim to reduce this figure by building dialogue, understanding and support between schools and parents to ensure the best outcome for the child.

We are a volunteer organisation led by educational professionals with a passion for inclusion and safeguarding children. We believe that every child has a right an education and work hard to ensure that schools disciplinary procedures do not unjustly penalise children with special needs. 


Working with schools and parents we support both parties in forming care plans that empower educational professionals to offer the best possible care to SEN children. 


Every child is made perfect in their own special way, it is our mission to relieve the unfortunate friction that can occur between SEN children and the wider world, starting with the educational system. 

School Children


“The Brighter Futures team were there when I needed them, they offer resources support and just a sympathetic ear in a time where I really needed it. Thankfully, we were able to agree an alternative route to permanent exclusion of my child following an incident"

Jerry Bluetone

“As much as the world is moving towards an inclusive place, as the parent of an autistic child in mainstream school, I often felt overwhelmed when incidents would occur. We still have a long way to go to educating schools and parents on what it means to truly be inclusive and mindful of an autistic and SEN child.

Amanda Margott